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Dedication to upholding a tradition of supporting affordable and accessible year-round mountain experiences centered around our lodge in the spirit of fun and friendship for families, youths, and all mountain enthusiasts.
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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information and Forms

Cascade Ski Club and Lodge 

Requirements of Members - Terms & Conditions

Covid 19:  Phase One 


Clackamas County has  approval for limited re-opening of businesses and facilities in compliance with the State of Oregon’s Covid-19 Re-opening Plan, Phase One.


Cascade Ski Club & Lodge will be partially open for members beginning July 9th, 2020 with the following restrictions: 


Lodge Occupancy - Limited to 15 CSC Members only

  • Day Use:  Maximum occupancy 15 members.  
  • Overnight Use:  Maximum Occupancy 15 members not to exceed 2 individuals or 1 “household” per bunk room. (“household” is a group who lives together or regularly congregates.)
  • Members under 13, over 65 or with significant underlying conditions (See, are discouraged from coming to the Lodge during Phase One and Two of Oregon’s reopening. 

We want Cascade members to enjoy the Lodge while staying safe.   We proceed with caution and care for our members and the Lodge. Continued limited opening depends on strict adherence to these rules. 


While visiting our Lodge, please honor the following foundational principles:


    • Protect Yourself
    • Protect Others
    • Protect the Lodge
    • Protect the Community

In addition as as a condition for my visiting the Lodge during any State of Oregon Reopening Phase, I agree to adhere to a spirit of safety and abide by the terms and conditions of Lodge use set out below:    


1.      Requirements of Members - Terms & Conditions


  • Reservations required to enter the building.  All members must complete a reservation on the Lodge website. Only members are permitted at the Lodge.  Parents are responsible to ensure that their children comply with the terms and conditions.

  • Pre-arrival - Within 24 hours prior to arriving, each member must:


    • Complete a Health Questionnaire with name, address, contact & emergency info.   
    • Review and agree to the Lodge Terms and Conditions for occupancy.
    • Agree to and sign a Waiver of Liability 


  • Upon arrival - Verify that you have met the above requirements.  Take and note your body temperature before entering the Lodge.  If your temperature is 100 degrees or higher, you may be ill.   DO NOT ENTER THE LODGE.


  • While at the Lodge:


    • Wash your hands upon entering the Lodge each time, frequently during your stay, and prior to leaving the building.  Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer.


    • Wear face coverings at all times while in the Lodge except for when eating or sleeping. Children under age 2 (two) are exempted from this requirement.


      • Avoid touching your face (or anyone else’s!).
      • Cover your cough or sneeze and refrain from any activity that would broadcast respiratory droplets.


    • Practice social distancing guidelines of 6’ minimum wherever possible.  


      • In common areas (living room, dining room, recreation areas, waxing room, etc.) maintain a distance of 6’.  Give each other space, wait your turn, and follow instructions to que up for meals or other services. 
      • In sleeping quarters - Stay in reserved bunks or rooms.  If part of a household or family, confine your movements to the area assigned to your household/family. Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down your mattress before and after you use it.
      • Restrooms/Shower areas -
        • In basement - limited to 3 people at a time 
        • On the second floor - limited to 1 person at a time, with an exception made for a caregiver assisting a child or person needing assistance.
      • Drying room - Limited to 1 person at a time.


    • Practice good hygiene - 


      • In addition to frequently washing your hands, wipe down frequently touched items with disinfectant (light switches, door knobs, etc.).
      •  Wipe down your mattress with disinfectant wipes before using it and at the end of your stay.
      • Wear gloves when handling recreational equipment and disinfect equipment after each use. 
      • Restrict use of any shared items or equipment and disinfect equipment between uses.
      • Refrain from using CPAP machines while at the Lodge.


    • Report any signs of illness - 


      • While at the Lodge:  Notify the Lodge Manager (971-275-6878) If you are experiencing any signs of illness or if you observe signs of illness in anyone at the Lodge.
      • After check out: Notify the Lodge Manager (971-275-6878) If you are experiencing any symptoms for a period of 2 weeks (14 days) following check out. 


We value our members.  We want everyone to stay safe and enjoy their visit to the Lodge.  If you are unwilling or unable to follow these guidelines, please do not visit the Lodge at this time.  Better days are ahead.  





25 Nov 2020 02:05