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Mission Statement

Dedication to upholding a tradition of supporting affordable and accessible year-round mountain experiences centered around our lodge in the spirit of fun and friendship for families, youths, and all mountain enthusiasts.


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Cascade Lodge Rules Highlights

Sat 16 Sep 2017
Attention, Members and Guests.

Booking and Reservations

  • Bookings must be completed in the online system before moving into bunk or room.

  • Members and guests must sleep in the bunk or room they've reserved.

  • Move-in and set-up of bunks and rooms should be completed before 10 pm quiet time.

  • First and last names are required for each member and guest registered.

  • Members and guests should indicate their desire for meals at the time of booking.

  • If not booked for the next night please remove items from your bunk when you leave for skiing.

Gear, Personal Belongings, Food

  • No skis, boards, ski boots etc. on main floor or in bunk areas.

  • All gear and personal belongings should be stored in lockers, cubbies or other designated area.

  • Member and guest food should be stored in the downstairs refrigerator or other designated areas.

  • Member and guest personal food prep should be done downstairs during lodge meal prep and serving times.
  • All food and drink should be removed when your stay is over.

  • If storing food outside, make sure it's in a hard-shell cooler with lid or the ravens will get it.

  • Please remove all personal items when leaving the lodge except for your locker contents.

  • Cascade Ski Club is not responsible for personal belongings.

Dorm rules

  • Quiet time after 10 pm.

  • No food or drink in dorms.

  • Personal items should be stored in cubbies and aisles should be kept free of clutter for safety reasons.


  • Keep external doors locked and use your key cards for entry.

  • Report suspected unauthorized persons to the lodge management.


  • Adults only between 5 and 9 PM.

  • Drinking in Main Level of lodge only. This includes all of Cascade property + parking lot.

  • Keep all alcohol in secure storage.

  • No underage drinking.


  • Keep 10 ft. away from entrances.

  • Dispose of waste in outside receptacles provided.

22 Jul 2018 12:53