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Mission Statement

Dedication to upholding a tradition of supporting affordable and accessible year-round mountain experiences centered around our lodge in the spirit of fun and friendship for families, youths, and all mountain enthusiasts.


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Cascade Lodge Rules Highlights

Tue 21 Nov 2017
Attention, Members and Guests.

Booking and Reservations

  • Bookings must be completed in the online system before moving into bunk or room.

  • Members and guests must sleep in the bunk or room they've reserved.

  • Move-in and set-up of bunks and rooms should be completed before 10 pm quiet time.

  • First and last names are required for each member and guest registered.

  • Members and guests should indicate their desire for meals at the time of booking.

  • If not booked for the next night please remove items from your bunk when you leave for skiing.

Gear, Personal Belongings, Food

  • No skis, boards, ski boots etc. on main floor or in bunk areas.

  • All gear and personal belongings should be stored in lockers, cubbies or other designated area.

  • Member and guest food should be stored in the downstairs refrigerator or other designated areas.

  • Member and guest personal food prep should be done downstairs during lodge meal prep and serving times.
  • All food and drink should be removed when your stay is over.

  • If storing food outside, make sure it's in a hard-shell cooler with lid or the ravens will get it.

  • Please remove all personal items when leaving the lodge except for your locker contents.

  • Cascade Ski Club is not responsible for personal belongings.

Dorm rules

  • Quiet time after 10 pm.

  • No food or drink in dorms.

  • Personal items should be stored in cubbies and aisles should be kept free of clutter for safety reasons.


  • Keep external doors locked and use your key cards for entry.

  • Report suspected unauthorized persons to the lodge management.


  • Adults only between 5 and 9 PM.

  • Drinking in Main Level of lodge only. This includes all of Cascade property + parking lot.

  • Keep all alcohol in secure storage.

  • No underage drinking.


  • Keep 10 ft. away from entrances.

  • Dispose of waste in outside receptacles provided.

Video Surveillance & Electronic use Policy

Purpose of video surveillance system and location(s).

Video surveillance is primarily used to record access at building entrances and for club’s interior office entrance. Electronic surveillance is also used to provide surveillance of the building’s exterior. The board of directors or their executive board may from time to time add additional cameras, as they feel fit the use policy.

Video Surveillance cameras are generally not used in areas where members, guests and employee(s), would have an expectation of privacy, such as restrooms or dorm areas.

The primary purpose of the video surveillance system is to allow after the fact investigation of crimes committed against the club. It may also be used for enforcing club policies and rules. The system may also be used in the investigation of safety, occupational, or health violations.

The system is not intended to be used as a method of tracking the work habits or productivity of individual employee(s).

Management of Video Surveillance systems

The Executive board of directors is responsible for management of the system. They may add additional board members or technical advisors as needed for management.

The system is not monitored on a continuous basis.

Recorded video is used exclusively for the investigation of security and safety incidents and not of other purposes.

The Executive board is responsible for the management of the video surveillance system and retains exclusive control of the release of video recordings produced by the system.

Recording video is not made directly available to employees, members, or general public. In the event of a security incident occurs, this should be reported by the manager to the Executive board. The Executive board should convene to review logs and determine if there is relevance to the incident. The video can be captured and sent to manager to investigate and resolve any reported security incident.

Requests to provide recordings to member and general public will not be accommodated. In the event of a crime, effected parties should be encouraged to make a police report. Upon a request from law enforcement, if relevant video is available, a permanent log recording of the incident may be made available to the requesting police department.

Recorded video is stored for approximately 30 days. Any video event associated with a security event may be converted into a permanent clip and stored for the duration of an investigation. Video clips, which are evidence in a civil or criminal proceeding, are kept indefinitely unless legal counsel gives other direction.

Electronic Device Use Policy

Use of electronic devices, (Examples: surveillance cams, cell phones, other emerging technologies), is limited within the clubhouse.

In an ongoing effort to respect personal privacy of all members, the use of portable/personal electronic devices is restricted in response to recent and emerging advances in technology, especially photography, sound recording, and video recording capabilities on these devices.

The rules extend to all personal and club electronic devices, including, but not limited to, surveillance cams, cell phones, smart phones, mp3 players, tablets, gaming devices and laptops.

Use of electronic devices is more restrictive in "private areas" where members have an expectation of absolute privacy, including dorms, apartments, restrooms, and showers.

While in the club, personal electronic devices must be off or in silent/mute mode.

Areas of Use and Restricted for personal electronic devices.





Quiet voice conversations

Lounge areas, hallways, waxing room, and dinning.


Listening to music, watching video, gaming

Anywhere in silent/mute mode, with headphones.

Photography, video/audio recording

Never permitted in changing/shower rooms, and dorm room areas including apartments; personal photography or video recording is permitted in other areas of the club or club-sponsored events for personal use, or specific club purpose and with prior consent of the subject(s). *Exception Clubhouse surveillance cams continually record video and audio for the purposes of complying with lodge rules, and used to investigate incidents.

Reading, emailing, text messaging, internet browsing

Anywhere. Use should be restricted after 10:00 PM and before 6:00 AM in the dorms as it could affect after residents.


Members or guests receiving calls on an electronic device in a restricted area must move to a hallway, lobby, lounge, dining area to continue a conversation.

Members or guests in violation of the electronic device use rules are subject to discipline by the board. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Violations by guests are charged against the members who host them.