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Dedication to upholding a tradition of supporting affordable and accessible year-round mountain experiences centered around our lodge in the spirit of fun and friendship for families, youths, and all mountain enthusiasts.

1947 - 1959: Building a Grand Lodge

Cascade Ski Club History: 1947 - 1959 Building a Grand Lodge

Cascade was just a name, an insignificant one at that in ancient times, (circa 1947) when members wearied of renting space at Battle-ax Inn and decided to build a Lodge. Prior to this historic decision they brought three portable schools from the Portland school district; and situated them across the road and down by the creek from the present property, near where Multorpor Lodge stands today. The property was purchased from Judge Latourette who later deeded to Cascade the Multorpor jumping hill property, part of an original land grant to the Latourette family. Cascade members built the jumping hill on Multorpor. Today you can ski this run known as 'Cascade'.

Cascade members built the jumping hill on Multorpor... Today you can ski this run known as 'Cascade'.

At one of these gatherings the present clubhouse was born

Club meetings were held in Fred McNeil’s office in the Oregon Journal building or in Judge Statler’s courtroom. The judge being an early skier, and it was probably at one of these gatherings that the present clubhouse was born.
I order to amortize the cost of the amenity $10,000.- worth of first mortgage certificates (at 4%) were sold to members and other skiers. Income for clubhouse fees made the payments. High rollers in this enterprise were A.M. Cronin Jr., Jack Meir, Berger Underdahl, Roy K. Terry, B. W. Farle, John Mulkey and Walter Gadsby Jr.. Some of the "angels" were H. J. Sandberg, Waldo Buckler, Albert Bullier, Vern Caldwell, Everett Darr, and Chris Maletis whose gifts created a substantial fund.

$10,000.- worth of first mortgage certificates were sold to members

The new building has a large living room for parties

In 1947, a large new club lodge was built on the north side of he highway, behind Mountain view Inn and Hjalmar Hvam’s ski shop. (this is were the lodge stand today.) The new building has a large living room for parties or dances, a dining room, drying room, waxing room, lockers, and larger dormitories The exterior was designed in the massive (Cascade) style, very appropriate for the mountain setting. The old clubhouse on the south side of the highway was torn down and the remnants razed. When Mountain View burned in 1955, a very large open area was created, which gives the Cascade Lodge an impressive open Snowfield in front of the building.
In the last decades the charter of Cascade Ski Club was changed somewhat towards being a group with appeal to families, as the wave of World War Two veterans change from swashbuckling youth to senior member of the ski community.

A group with appeal to families

Patricia Bowles, President, 1976 - 1977
Cascade Ski Club's Racing Annual 1976 - 77; page 9.