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Mission Statement

Dedication to upholding a tradition of supporting affordable and accessible year-round mountain experiences centered around our lodge in the spirit of fun and friendship for families, youths, and all mountain enthusiasts.


Cascade Ski Club - A Tradition Since 1928 in Government Camp, Mt. Hood!

Cascade Ski Club was established in 1928 to promote the development of Mt. Hood as a resort for winter sports. The club initially devoted itself to Nordic skiing and ski jumping events, but today Cascade encourages all types of skiing and is open to all mountain enthusiasts.


Cascade Ski Club History

Cascade Ski Club's contribution to Skiing

  • Cascade is the oldest continuosly operating Ski Club that began solely for skiing in Oregon, and as such has strived to promote skiing as a popular activity.
  • Cascade built and maintained the first nationally sanctioned ski jump in Oregon.
  • Cascade supported founder Hjalmar P. Hvam, one of the country's top ski competitors in the 1930s, as well as inventor of the first releasable ski safety binding.
  • Mr. Hvam is enshrined in the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame, the Northwest Ski Hall of Fame and the U.S. Ski Business Hall of Fame.
  • . Hvam began building his fame as a ski competitor in 1932, when he won the first U.S. Nordic combined championship Competition at Lake Tahoe, California; he took first in jumping and cross-country reaching to win the combined title.
  • Mr. Hvam is the forgotten man of skiing history. Where would skiing be today without Hvam's revolutionary releasable ski binding?

About the author: Chris Miller has been a member of Cascade Ski Club for over 10 years, and has served as part of their Board of Directors as: Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Sister Club Representative, Event Organizer, and recently as Historian.